Sunday, March 24, 2013

Metro V3 by HacKLink ENG (F3 rev735)

Skinners: HacKLink/aurelien07
Translator: Keyser

- adapted several things

As with the original skin, customizing the skin crashes F3. If there is going to be a fix someday, replace customizetab.xur.

- Works only for F3 rev735


Thursday, March 7, 2013

F3 rev735 & support

As most of you should know by now there is a new F3 revision (735).

As far as I know XUITT 2.1.5 should support it.
I haven't tested it but there are already translations available.

GaDaBaMa should work as well as I haven't seen any entries in the changelog on database level.

I started a new job some weeks ago which requires my full attention. I'm afraid there will be no new releases of XUITT nor GaDaBaMa in the next weeks/months.

Thanks for your support!