Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

CLEAR DATA F3 function coming soon

Since it has become a custom to clear all F3 data when problems arise - meaning that all artwork is deleted and re-downloaded, thus generating unnecessary traffic - here comes a new function just for all CLEAR DATA freaks out there!

 ClearData Sync* 

This special sync function does the following:
-Import (faulty) F3 database
-Extract all .assets files under %appdata%\GaDaBaMa\DDS\GameId\*.dds

If count(extracted files) = 0 an error msgbox will appear otherwise:

Read it. Do it. Press No when you are ready. Next automatic steps:
-Import (new) F3 database
-Verify old/new GameIds
-Rename folders/assets files if necessary to match new IDs
-Create .assets files
-Update Game Descriptions (taken from faulty F3 database)

Scanpaths recovery will not be part of this process! Some have difficulties with setting their scanpaths correct and most of the time it seems to be the reason why they chose to clear their data!

Do the above and your next CLEAR DATA will be pain-free :)!

*To use this function you don't need to be a regular GaDaBaMa user. You don't need any local JPG files! No conversion to DDS needed!

EDIT: Youtube tutorial online!