Monday, October 14, 2013

GaDaBaMa Run As Admin Issues


This guy seems to have found the solution. Good luck! (nothing new actually but I'm glad someone points the obvious steps out) Thanks buddy!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

XUITT 2.1.6

New versions available:

XUITT 2.1.6 for Access 2013
XUITT 2.1.6 for Access 2010 SP1 32 bit

XUITT 2.1.6
-Fixed 3259 error on Step6_9/10
-Changed <Favorites> in defaul.xex hacktable to <use nulls>

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

F3 rev775

TeamFSD released a new revision today: F3 rev775
Thanks guys! Great job!

XUITT 2.1.5
Translated the default skin and default.xex file to spanish.
Both have been successfully translated. Download it here if you like.
(Favorites still have some issues, I'll get to it once a version for Access 2013 will be released)

Get a perfect working spanish translation by my friend bocasecaman here.
Thanks for your support buddy!

GaDaBaMa 3.2
Working fine as always.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

UPDATE Planned for next release

UPDATE 25.05.2013

New TreeView filters
New SystemLink button
New default YouTube Video buttons

SystemLink button will probably be linked to LiNK stuff. 

New TU download form!

New report (last saved games)

New video GUI (replaces WMP UI)

New: embedded YouTube player

 New themes, new layout = faster and less flicker

New: Theme creator 2.0

Stay tuned

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Embedded YouTube Player for GaDaBaMa -WIP-


-query YouTube db with predefined variables (current game + custom strings)
-customize author, results, start etc.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

F3 ContentItems Editor

This little app is intended for all those who struggle with their ContentItems table.

For example:

Use A) when you deleted a game outside F3 and it still appears in your collection (database)

Use B) when you moved a game to the hidden section or to others and now you are unable to move it back to where it belongs


Friday, April 5, 2013

F3 ScanPaths Importer

This little app is intended for all those who use a SOURCE F3 install which they copy to other Xbox360's and for those swapping HDD's content from one HDD to another. Apparently each HDD/USB has it's own DeviceId. Under content.db you'll find all MountedDevicesIDs. The ScanPaths table (settings.db) uses these IDs. The ContentItems table (content.db) uses just the ScanPathsID. By copying the databases from the SOURCE F3 install you'll lose your ScanPaths as the DeviceIDs don't match. This is where this app comes into play.

First copy your SOURCE F3 database to your new Xbox (called DESTINATION F3). Start your DESTINATION F3. This will update your content.db with your new DeviceIDs.

Open this app. Under 1) select your SOURCE F3 database and click IMPORT. You'll see all scanpaths available in that database. For the moment there is no distinction between DeviceIDs (all available Paths will be imported!). Therefore, I recommend using a SOURCE F3 database with just one DeviceId (as shown in the picture)! These scanpaths will always be present when you start the app. So in case you need always the same paths you'll just have to do 1) once.

Under 2) select your DESTINATION F3. Automatically it will fill DeviceID of Hdd1. If you need another DeviceID select between Hdd1, HddX or Usb0. The DeviceId will change accordingly. You can also input another DeviceId. Hit on update and all ScanPaths of your SOURCE F3 will be inserted into your DESTINATION F3 with the new DeviceIds.

Behind the scenes - SQLs
1) SOURCE F3 database
Does just SELECT * from ScanPaths and outputs it into scanpaths.ini

2) DESTINATION F3 database
SELECT MountedDeviceDeviceId from MountedDevices WHERE MountedDeviceMountPoint='" & ComboBox1.value and outputs it into DeviceId.ini
DELETE from ScanPaths
.import insertpaths.ini ScanPaths
UPDATE ScanPaths SET ScanPathDeviceId='" & txtDeviceID.value

Keyser (DEV)

Bill Stewart (TDC)
Edy (idea)
SQLite (sqlite.exe)

Source files
It's a simple HTA file. The contents of the executable will be extracted and placed somewhere under %appdata% I guess. If you need to change the code/scanpaths.ini file etc. search for SetPaths.hta.


Here is a picture showing the different relations between the tables:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Metro V3 by HacKLink ENG (F3 rev735)

Skinners: HacKLink/aurelien07
Translator: Keyser

- adapted several things

As with the original skin, customizing the skin crashes F3. If there is going to be a fix someday, replace customizetab.xur.

- Works only for F3 rev735


Thursday, March 7, 2013

F3 rev735 & support

As most of you should know by now there is a new F3 revision (735).

As far as I know XUITT 2.1.5 should support it.
I haven't tested it but there are already translations available.

GaDaBaMa should work as well as I haven't seen any entries in the changelog on database level.

I started a new job some weeks ago which requires my full attention. I'm afraid there will be no new releases of XUITT nor GaDaBaMa in the next weeks/months.

Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

CLEAR DATA F3 function coming soon

Since it has become a custom to clear all F3 data when problems arise - meaning that all artwork is deleted and re-downloaded, thus generating unnecessary traffic - here comes a new function just for all CLEAR DATA freaks out there!

 ClearData Sync* 

This special sync function does the following:
-Import (faulty) F3 database
-Extract all .assets files under %appdata%\GaDaBaMa\DDS\GameId\*.dds

If count(extracted files) = 0 an error msgbox will appear otherwise:

Read it. Do it. Press No when you are ready. Next automatic steps:
-Import (new) F3 database
-Verify old/new GameIds
-Rename folders/assets files if necessary to match new IDs
-Create .assets files
-Update Game Descriptions (taken from faulty F3 database)

Scanpaths recovery will not be part of this process! Some have difficulties with setting their scanpaths correct and most of the time it seems to be the reason why they chose to clear their data!

Do the above and your next CLEAR DATA will be pain-free :)!

*To use this function you don't need to be a regular GaDaBaMa user. You don't need any local JPG files! No conversion to DDS needed!

EDIT: Youtube tutorial online!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spanish F3 skins

My friends at have been busy creating theme-based F3 skins.
If you are interested in picking up a skin you might need the Spanish-English translation file.

All skins are in spanish but they can easily be translated with XUITT and the above file.
If you want to use these skins in another language than english, import the above file and use the cross-translation function in XUITT.
The english translation is almost the same as the default F3 skin strings, therefore you should be able to get a complete translation in few minutes.

Have fun and give credit where due.

Here a screenshot of how to cross-translate:

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

GaDaBaMa 3.1.2

  • Added Delete obsolete TU
  • Added Allow Samba enabled under Sync
  • Added copy GameAssetInfo.bin (used in enhanced WebUI)
  • Enabled overwrite setting for JPG2DDS and PNG2DDS
  • Added 5 new themes (totally 33 themes to choose from!)