Friday, November 23, 2012

New functions for GaDaBaMa 3.0, coming soon!

SQL Builder: Mass-update/replace function!
This form allows to change all kind of values.

For example some games have as Developer XYZ inc and others just XYZ. With this form you can update all Games containing XYZ to XYZ inc with a few clicks!

Another example: You don't like TM, (R), (C) in Game names or phrases like (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) in descriptions, just manage the table tblReplacements accordingly or do it manually and mass-update!

To recover use F3db values. This will update your local table with the F3db values from the last sync. Don't need to connect your Xbox 360 HDD for that!

Here some screens

Sync Queue Enhanced!
Sync Queue functions are now integrated within the SQ-Ribbon. You can add the current game or all games to the Sync Queue and view/edit the Sync Queue through the sq-report (as before - with pictures / slow) or with the new sq-form (without pictures - fast)!

You can now add files or links! Use to manual edit form.

GaDaBaMa 3.1 coming soon ...

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