Sunday, November 18, 2012

GaDaBaMa 3.0 for F3

Thanks goes to TeamFSD for the information provided on the .assets file!

 GaDaBaMa 3.0 has now been released. Please read Important_notes.pdf. Don't complain afterwards... It has been tested as good as possible. Due to time issues I'm not able to test it any further so there might be bugs.


Since GaDaBaMa 2.1 you need to disable this feature on the database you wish to sync and to enable it in another F3 application you use to connect with GaDaBaMa. Under Settings, enable Samba server.
If you’re successful, you’ll see clients connected: 1.
  • F3 App with all your content -> Samba disabled
  • F3 App – called Samba App -> Samba enabled
    (new install without scanpaths, games etc.)
Each time you wish to sync GaDaBaMa with your main F3 database you must enter your Samba App. This is done to prevent random errors while reading/writing the database. Of course if you connect your Xbox360 HDD through USB/eSATA you don’t need a Samba App, but you must disable Samba on your F3 App as it performs the check either way. I do not recommend syncing over SAMBA!

Only 32bit version supported. M$ recommends using 32 over 64 bit.

  • Changed to F3 database

GaDaBaMa offers an alternate method to manage your F3 database.

Data functions
  • Import/Export content.db (settings.db) (F3)
  • Import dlc_report.txt/gameSave_report.txt (XM360)
  • Scan Content folder for dlc/gamesaves (x360pkgtool.exe)
  • Export dlc_titles.txt (XM360)
Online functions
  • Get Game/DLC info/images from
  • Get boxarts/covers from
  • Get title updates from
Picture functions
  • Extract dds from .assets
  • Convert dds to jpg (irfanview)
  • Convert jpg to dds (nvdxt)
  • Convert png to dds (only for icons)
  • Create F3 .assets file

Video functions
  • Stream preview video (if available)

GUI functions
  • Coverflow
  • GameWall
  • Customized themes
  • Filter fields (alphabetic/genre/tabs)
  • Multilanguage thanks to all translators! + Google Translator
  • RSS feed
  • Screenshots Slideshow
  • Search field
  • ShortKeys

Use with caution!
GaDaBaMa syncs with following apps:
  • F3 rev058
  • XM360 2.0d (optional - use x360pkgtool.exe to scan Contents directly)

Please make sure you have these versions installed.
GaDaBaMa modifies content.db directly. This means
  • No content.db backup will be created
  • A faulty content.db or .assets files can cause F3 to crash and even prevent restarting

Please make sure you have a backup plan to access your console (over FTP), in case something happens.

  • GaDaBaMa DEV (GoodfellaKeyser)
  • dhSQLite (Olaf Schmidt)
  • IrfanView (Irfan Skiljan)
  • x360pkgtool (xorloser)
  • JQE360 (JQE)
  • Samba Team
  • TeamFSD
  • XM360 (node21)
  • AMIT betatester
  • ctm555 Swedish translation
  • darkmurf betatester, themes creator
  • GabLeRoux French translation
  • jappi88 Dutch translation
  • JaRaBcN betatester & Spanish translation
  • Jorge Carvalho Portuguese translation
  • Kysshin French translation
  • MADOFOCS betatester & German translation
  • MeLoS italian translation
  • robins Chinese translation
  • threesixtyuser Dutch translation
  • ZoMBYaKa Russian translation
Thanks to all TeamFSD forum members and bug reporters!
Special thanks to darkmurf


  1. I got an error :The expression you entered has a function name that ..::DaDaBaMa::.. can't find. Please help...

  2. That sounds like you need Access 2010 Runtime SP1 (Service Pack 1)

    Get it from the link in the post (under files).

  3. its not working even after installing sp1