Sunday, November 11, 2012

GaDaBaMa 2.2 FINAL

GaDaBaMa offers an alternate method to manage your FSD2 database and to migrate your FSD2 database to F3.

Data functions
  • Import/Export fsd2data.db (fsd2settings.db) (FSD2)
  • Import dlc_report.txt/gameSave_report.txt (XM360)
  • Scan Content folder for dlc/gamesaves (x360pkgtool.exe)
  • Export dlc_titles.txt (XM360)
  • Reorganize FSD2 database
  • Migrate FSD2 to F3

Online functions
  • Get Game/DLC info/images from
  • Get boxarts/covers from
  • Get title updates from

Picture functions
  • Convert dds to jpg (irfanview)
  • Convert jpg to dds (nvdxt)
  • Convert png to dds to blobs (only for icons)
  • Create F3 .assets file
Video functions
  • Stream preview video (if available)

GUI functions
  • Coverflow
  • GameWall
  • Customized themes
  • Filter fields (alphabetic/genre/tabs)
  • Multilanguage thanks to all translators!
  • RSS feed
  • Screenshots Slideshow
  • Search field
  • ShortKeys

  • GaDaBaMa DEV (GoodfellaKeyser)
  • dhSQLite (Olaf Schmidt)
  • IrfanView (Irfan Skiljan)
  • x360pkgtool (xorloser)
  • JQE360 (JQE)
  • Samba Team
  • TeamFSD
  • XM360 (node21)

  • ctm555 Swedish translation
  • darkmurf betatester, themes creator
  • GabLeRoux French translation
  • jappi88 Dutch translation
  • JaRaBcN betatester & Spanish translation
  • Jorge Carvalho Portuguese translation
  • Kysshin French translation
  • MADOFOCS betatester & German translation
  • MeLoS italian translation
  • robins Chinese translation
  • threesixtyuser Dutch translation
  • ZoMBYaKa Russian translation

Thanks to all TeamFSD forum members and bug reporters!
Special thanks to darkmurf.

Use with caution!
 GaDaBaMa syncs with following apps:
 - FSD2 2.2 rev 1072
 - F3 rev058 (migration function)
 - XM360 2.0d

 Please make sure you have these versions installed.

 GaDaBaMa modifies fsd2data.db directly. This means
 - No fsd2data.db backup will be created
 - A faulty fsd2data.db can cause FSD2 to crash and even prevent restarting

 Please make sure you have a backup plan to access your console (over FTP), in case something happens.

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