Thursday, September 13, 2012

Upcoming feature: Sync queue!!

This new feature allows - combined with Create new database = false - a very, very fast sync.

Adding items to your sync queue
Every content modification such as downloading content from or editing manually is saved in the table SyncQueue.

Deleting items from your sync queue
This is done through this form. You can delete each picture individually or all pictures from a specific game at once.

Activate this feature under Settings

Sync logic
As shown in the picture below, using sync queue reduces dramatically the steps needed to perform a synchronization as it allows to bypass a new database creation. You will lose other options but in return you will gain speed. Syncing over SAMBA can be painfully slow at times. My test database takes 10 min to sync over SAMBA and 1 min over USB. Haven't been able to test it with sync queue as this function is not ready yet, but it looks promising. Stay tuned.

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