Monday, September 3, 2012

New tutorial and functions

For all those who always wanted to use GaDaBaMa just to update* their FSD database there is a new small tutorial just for that.

  • Icons will now be extracted, so you will not lose them anymore
  • Your local JPG/PNG files can now be deleted after SYNC
  • SyncExpress does not make the conversion faster but no windows will be displayed either. No user interaction needed
  • Taskform can now be closed without waiting those nasty 3 seconds with the summary

 * for example just for homebrew/emulators. Or just to overwrite some boxarts/images etc.

This new tutorial is found here or also on the right side of the page under English 2.0 - for FSD DB updaters only.

GaDaBaMa 2.0 will be released this week with the available translations. If you're interested to update a translation in your language check this post. You're also welcome to translate it in another language. :-)

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