Monday, September 10, 2012

GaDaBaMa 2.0.3

GaDaBaMa 2.0.3

-Added ActiveX wmp.dll to references
-Changed Path for TitleUpdates when downloading & uploading to FSD2 folder

About TitleUpdates changes
TitleUpdates showed always as missing until I took some time to analyze why.
The reason is more than obvious:

I thought TitleUpdates had unique filenames -> wrong. Some games share the same TU filenames. Now in the process of downloading them they were overwritten, so some were always missing.

You define your TitleUpdates folder under settings. Every TU you download will be saved under that folder + it's TitleId.

If you choose to upload those files to your FSD2 folder, they will be saved under 

Select case filename
Case filenames are like those in the pictures (example)
TitleUpdates\Hdd1DeviceId + Hash
Case else

Just like FSD does it. 

If your TitleUpdates folder = FSD2 folder then they'll just be saved under their TitleId. FSD recognizes them either way. I guess they chose the hash folder because of having different versions of TUs. This way you'll just have the last one if the filename does not change.

And finally you'll get this marvelous message:

About wmp.dll
The preview/trailer video function works with an ActiveX: wmp.dll. This file was somehow not referenced. Now it is. If you get a message Reference missing try to download Windows Media Player 12. Or just that file and register it with regsvr32. File should be placed under %windir%\system32.

If you were not getting any errors or you could play the trailers fine don't bother.

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