Saturday, September 8, 2012

GaDaBaMa 2.0.2 for Access 2010 32bit

GaDaBaMa offers an alternate method to manage your FSD2 database.

Data functions
  • Import/Export fsd2data.db (fsd2settings.db) (FSD2)
  • Import dlc_report.txt/gameSave_report.txt (XM360)
  • Scan Content folder for dlc/gamesaves (x360pkgtool.exe)
  • Export dlc_titles.txt (XM360)

Online functions
  • Get Game/DLC info/images from
  • Get boxarts/covers from
  • Get title updates from

Picture functions
  • Convert dds to jpg (irfanview)
  • Convert jpg to dds (nvdxt)
  • Convert png to dds to blobs (only for icons)

Video functions

  • Stream preview video (if available)

GUI functions
  • Coverflow
  • GameWall
  • Customized themes
  • Filter fields (alphabetic/genre/tabs)
  • Multilanguage thanks to all translators!
  • RSS feed
  • Screenshots Slideshow
  • Search field
  • ShortKeys

GaDaBaMa DEV (GoodfellaKeyser)

dhSQLite (Olaf Schmidt)
IrfanView (Irfan Skiljan)
x360pkgtool (xorloser)
JQE360 (JQE)
Samba Team
XM360 (node21)

ctm555 Swedish translation
darkmurf betatester, themes creator
GabLeRoux French translation
jappi88 Dutch translation
JaRaBcN betatester & Spanish translation
Jorge Carvalho Portuguese translation
Kysshin French translation
MADOFOCS betatester & German translation
MeLoS italian translation
robins Chinese translation
threesixtyuser Dutch translation
ZoMBYaKa Russian translation

Thanks to all TeamFSD forum members and bug reporters!
Special thanks to darkmurf.

Use with caution!
 GaDaBaMa syncs with following apps:
 - FSD2 2.2
 - XM360 2.0d
 Please make sure you have these versions installed.
 GaDaBaMa modifies fsd2data.db directly. This means
 - No fsd2data.db backup will be created
 - A faulty fsd2data.db can cause FSD2 to crash and even prevent restarting
 Please make sure you have a backup plan to access your console (over FTP), in case something happens.

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