Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GaDaBaMa upcoming features

  • XM360 reports are still supported. But if you prefer you can let GaDaBaMa scan your Contentfolder (thanks to x360pkgtool by xorloser)

  • Coverflow/GameWall can be activated at start either minimized or maximized
  • Coverflow can be linked to current database record

  • Define Marketplace content presets

  • Define JQE360 content presets

  • Define Avatar items gender
  • Updated Avatar form with Highslide JS functionality

  • At last! Define DDS2JPG, PNG2DDS, JPG2DDS, SYNC settings

To do:
-Testing under runtime environment
-Update Translations
-Create Access 2010 setup file

Friday, August 17, 2012

GaDaBaMa goes Access 2010

Upcoming features
  • new Coverflow (last one was nice to play with but useless)
    full interactivity (Access <-> Coverflow)
    mouse wheel/keyboard navigation
    double-click/ENTER/C key for selection
  • new GameWall
    partial interactivity (GameWall -> Access)
    mouse wheel navigation, double-click for selection 
Both features can be loaded and used together.
If you want to test this new version please contact me. Otherwise it will be released ASAP. In the meantime check out this video.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GaDaBaMa RC 1.3

- Fixed err 13 file does not exist (covers.jqe360.com related)
- Sync processes optimized (step 2/4)