Monday, June 18, 2012

Hungarian translation

As Varga Balázs pointed out, it seems that there are some display errors when translating in Hungarian (probably other languages too.

Some months ago I started working on a new code to generate the translation strings to cover Asian languages, I guess once I'm finished this kind of problems will vanish too. For the meanwhile I'm afraid, there is no workaround.

I've tried with different fonts in the fsd2 app and default skin. Don't know why it seems to work for some strings and not for others.

We have a similar problem with skin.xml when translating skins.


  1. Hi!
    You have a good time was replaced? Kills me that something was wrong and never even started.
    But I had my faults in UTF8.

    Skin ready Translate,
    Metro Skin magyar 2.0.zxp

    Only deault.xex did not work.

  2. If you can give instructions manual you could try it with the translation.
    I would like to directly edit the deault.xex but the hacks to be postponed to rewrite.

  3. Basically [url=] this post [/url] explains the hack process.

    In summary:

    - Xextool
    - Hex Editor like XVI32
    - Default.xex (FSD)

    * Convert an xex into an unencrypted binary format:
    xextool -e u -c b -o default-binary.xex default.xex

    Open default-binary.xex with Hex Editor

    Search (ASCII or UNICODE) and replace text string for example -> Open Tray to -> my change
    * Convert unencrypted binary xex back into an encrypted uncompressed xex:
    xextool -m d -c u -e e -o test.xex default-binary.xex