Monday, June 18, 2012

Hungarian translation

As Varga Bal√°zs pointed out, it seems that there are some display errors when translating in Hungarian (probably other languages too.

Some months ago I started working on a new code to generate the translation strings to cover Asian languages, I guess once I'm finished this kind of problems will vanish too. For the meanwhile I'm afraid, there is no workaround.

I've tried with different fonts in the fsd2 app and default skin. Don't know why it seems to work for some strings and not for others.

We have a similar problem with skin.xml when translating skins.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Expect new updates not until late may/june

I'm still @ the hospital :-(. Expect new updates not until late may/june
5.5.12 Surgery went well. Now I'm recovering. Thanks for all the wishes.

Get XUITT v1.6 quickfix at the left side of the page under XUITT downloads. Hope this fixes some problems with some new skins. New release as soon as I'm recovered. Greetings