Monday, January 23, 2012

Problems translating NXHL metrostyle by hacklink

Dear XUITT users

Hacklink's NXHL gives errors on XUITT. The source of the problem was a file named Manette_hl.xur. This has been fixed. Expect a new XUITT version soon.

Due to this unexpected fix, the new "oficial" version with unicode hack enabled has been delayed.


  1. hello Goodfella Keyser and sorry for English, but used the google translator or however you feel would possibbile put the fix for the skin by metrostyle NXHL hacklink because I would translate it into Italian comq already know this skin is causing the error in the macro and I do not know how to fix it though kindly posteresti the fix I would be very grateful thanks

  2. Hi
    Yes, the problem with that skin had been fixed back then. The fixed XUITT version was not released as I was implementing new stuff. However, due to health issues I was unable to work on it. Get the quickfix v1.6 at the left side under XUITT downloads.

    Hope it helps. Greets, Keyser