Friday, January 13, 2012

GaDaBaMa RC 1.2 released

-Added option to enable/disable TitleId, MediaId, Game folder
-Fixed Avatar item image link (thumbm.png)
-Changed Avatar text to UTF-8
-Added: "No Section" Games are ignored (display & downloads) visible only in manual editing
-Added filter No Section Games in manual editing form
-Fixed JQE360 All Games. Latest Cover.jpg Upload will be used. Fix applies when multiple cover.jpg existed for the same game.
-Added Top 10 Developers Report. Count(Games) grouped by Devs
-Added Games Per Year Report. Count(Games) grouped by Year(ReleaseDate)
-Added MediaID
-Added GameCompleted field. Clicking on the pad (mainpage) sets status (completed yes/no). This field is currently only used in reports.
-Changed Internet Connection Check. Hopefully RAS users will get no errors anymore
-Changed Icon list report. Added filter options.
-Changed from using TitleiD to ContentID (affects multiple disc games)
-Added << Get All most recent Title Updates for all games >>
-Added MediaID logic to TitleUpdates. Filter & new TU site
-Added Sync Title Updates
-Added Title Updates Report
-Added Excel/PDF export option in all reports
-Added Sync option: Overwrite if source file newer (dds) -> option save dds locally must be enabled!

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