Monday, January 30, 2012

MetroStyle Skin for FSD2.2rev725 // updated

MetroStyle by freakazoid feat. MetroStyle Customizer by Keyser

  • Multi5 (eng, ger, fre, ita, spa) "by XUITT"

MetroStyle by Hacklink
  • only french at the moment / spanish soon available available

If you are interested to translate these skins in your language get XUITT and contact the skinners.
MetroStyle Customizer is fully upgradeable with any language to come. If you want MetroStyle Customizer in your language, contact me.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Problems translating NXHL metrostyle by hacklink

Dear XUITT users

Hacklink's NXHL gives errors on XUITT. The source of the problem was a file named Manette_hl.xur. This has been fixed. Expect a new XUITT version soon.

Due to this unexpected fix, the new "oficial" version with unicode hack enabled has been delayed.

Friday, January 13, 2012

GaDaBaMa RC 1.2 released

-Added option to enable/disable TitleId, MediaId, Game folder
-Fixed Avatar item image link (thumbm.png)
-Changed Avatar text to UTF-8
-Added: "No Section" Games are ignored (display & downloads) visible only in manual editing
-Added filter No Section Games in manual editing form
-Fixed JQE360 All Games. Latest Cover.jpg Upload will be used. Fix applies when multiple cover.jpg existed for the same game.
-Added Top 10 Developers Report. Count(Games) grouped by Devs
-Added Games Per Year Report. Count(Games) grouped by Year(ReleaseDate)
-Added MediaID
-Added GameCompleted field. Clicking on the pad (mainpage) sets status (completed yes/no). This field is currently only used in reports.
-Changed Internet Connection Check. Hopefully RAS users will get no errors anymore
-Changed Icon list report. Added filter options.
-Changed from using TitleiD to ContentID (affects multiple disc games)
-Added << Get All most recent Title Updates for all games >>
-Added MediaID logic to TitleUpdates. Filter & new TU site
-Added Sync Title Updates
-Added Title Updates Report
-Added Excel/PDF export option in all reports
-Added Sync option: Overwrite if source file newer (dds) -> option save dds locally must be enabled!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

GaDaBaMa RC 1.2

RC 1.2 is done. Take a look @ the manual to see all the new functions.
The download link will be briefly (~tomorrow) available. I'm waiting for some translations.