Monday, April 11, 2011

Get DLC info - updated

node21's XM360 is great to gather all installed DLC through dlc_report.txt.
xm360server.exe creates a csv file (dlc_titles.csv) with all available DLC.

Thanks to his prework I was able to recreate the process of getting dlc infos.

Now, GaDaBaMa imports dlc_report.txt to show the installed DLC.
You can then update your DLC report by downloading the info directly from
As with all the images/game info you can run this function for the current or for all games.

It is planned to create a dlc_titles.csv of all available games/dlc. This way you can use this file in XM360.
(see update!)

XM360 shows if a DLC is available, available but not in database and missing.
GaDaBaMa uses the same DLC_status (like you'll see in the video).

If you havent used XM360 yet I strongly recommend to test it out.

Embedded Google Docs videos do not seem to work in blog posts (or at least to my knowledge) Until I figure it out, please use the LINK.


dlc_titles.csv for xm360 was successfully created. Now you'll be able to
generate an up-to-date DLC file for all your games. It's like doing it with xm360server
but instead of making a file for all available DLC, it just creates the file for
your existing collection. My test-collection ~160 Games took 4 minutes.

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  1. Looks great Keyser cant wait for the first release :)

    Murf ;)