Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've been looking for a customizable coverflow.
There are quite a few out there.

The idea was a boxart-coverflow which interacts with the Access Form.
So far both ways of interaction are possible, but due to the long loading time
(10-16secs for 160 images), the default setting will be the following:

-load coverflow when starting app with optional
a) minimized in the background (takes longer to load)
b) in the foreground (webform will be showed)

C -> calls coverflow, navigating through the images does not fire up an event
only clicking on a boxart selects the game to load when exiting/minimizing coverflow.
C minimizes the form. C calls it to the foreground again. This way, there are no loading times. But it is not possible to synchronize the recordset on the Access form with the coverflow. So the interaction is only Coverflow -> Access form
ESC closes coverflow. A new reload is done with C.

When coverflow is closed and reopened, coverflow will start synchronized with the Access form recordset. Interaction Coverflow <-> Access form.

So the user is able to choose his preference. Synchronized (slow loading) Coverflow or instant Coverflow by pressing on C or ESC.

The coverflow used is  coverflow fx. Which uses Papervision3D engine.
javascript funcionality was needed to determine selected boxart/game.

Although the customization is amazing, it lacks of loading speed. Most of the settings can be customized within a settings form (just take a look at their site to get an idea of the possibilities)

The images are loaded through a xml file which can be generated at runtime. The same for the settings.

First steps with coverflow
Coverflow interaction with form
Because of this new feature a beta will be delayed for few days.

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