Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get FSA/XUITT working in a Windows 7 environment with Unicode Language

obsolete now. get Version >=1.4  

It appears that languages like Chinese are not compatible with FSA/XUITT.
I tried to reproduce the problem and it looks like it hangs itself in this piece of code:
Me!frmSkinXMLcaptions.Form.RecordSource = ""

Now, with following settings I did not got any errors even having set all region/languages to Chinese.
Just under the section unicode incompatible apps set it either to German or English. That should do it.
Here the pics.

Important is this window (set it to German or English)

I'll see if the app can be adapted to be compatible with Unicode. In the meantime, please use this configuration. It does not interfere with Windows. All other apps and Windows itself was in Chinese, as I did not understand anything :)

Robins translated the gui in chinese. This version will be upped asap.

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