Monday, February 7, 2011

FreeSkinApp & XUITT v1.2 060211

App functions
  • Generate XUI files; select xzp file or path with xur files.
  • Generate XUR files; select path with xui files
  • Change fonts; changes all fonts in xui files (obsolete. Change default font in Xuitool)
  • Xuitool registry edit -> skin.xui, Default font
  • Edit Skin.xml -> Skindetails, Captions, Font
  • New: Edit MenuSettings.xml -> Tab captions 
  • XmaEncode -> convert all wav files in selected dir to xma (through xmaencode.exe found in xuitool package)
  • XZP/directory file compare -> shows a report with all differences between files (can be exported as xls/pdf)
  • Use XUITT-GUI to translate Skinfiles! (xzp/xui/xur supported)
FreeSkinApp v1.2 060211
Excel import file for XUITT with English strings from FSD RC 1.7 


New MenuSettings.xml import. 

How to translate (from manual)

-check the Changelog tab in the about section.

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